Re: The City of Wonders: an Investigation

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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 12:46:15 -0000

> Chris:

>> One thing to consider is that the swamp may have moved.

> Good point! I had looked at this briefly at the start - also with the idea of the Stream moving. (If you look at William Church's map in RQ2, there is an apparently Stream-side Duck Point several miles east of the confluence, for example.)

Or the Stream (or River) bed has moved. Happens all the time after the snow melts, under the right conditions.

> Joerg:

>> I think that while Sartar was aware of the necessities for trading, he did not take into account the durulz standards of housing.

> Good stuff! Sadly, the only image I've drawn of a duck abode is a landlocked fort built high(ish!) above the ground. I really must draw a squidgy dwelling. (I also really must finish the fort. I think I promised it to Rory two and a half years ago!)

I had some of my most embarrassing moments of Gloranthan RQing fighting ducks (that was before King of Sartar called them durulz) in one of their lakeside houses, entering and leaving through such a bottom opening.

Perhaps the gloriously inaccurate reconstruction of the Bodensee stilt houses could be used for durulz architecture.

There is also a type of slavic lake settlement on artificial islands that could serve as a model for fortified durulz settlements.

> Joerg:

>> Why should anyone? Durulz are a marshial race.

> Boom! Boom!

Sorry, but this entire conversation is somewhat tongue-in-beak, so why waste a penalty shot?            

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