Re: A proper name for malkioni religious buildings

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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 01:25:51 +0100

> We have discussed at length about malkioni beliefs here, and have seen them redesigned
> before our eyes. But I was wondering about something very basic : do they still have
> "churches", I mean buildings in which they gather to listen to the Word, read by their
> liturgists / clerics ? And if they have, how may we call them to get rid of the word "church" ?
> "Temple" is too pagan and I don't like "Basilica" or "Sanctuary".
> Any answer to these two questions ?

Temple is the generic word for a place of worship. Today we are used to using synagoge, church and mosque for Jewish, Christian and Muslim temples but only church is not a recent import into English. Most people wouldn't even recognise the correct names for temples of other religions. So "Malkioni temple" is the best translation of whatever word is used in their language.

Donald Oddy


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