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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 16:16:27 +0100

giannieanna wrote:
> Hervé
> > It's called the thirty Core Runes
> I had more "materialistic" runes in mind; symbols devised for the
> various metals, the planets, etc, much like their real world equivalents

Sure, I've used them a lot in games myself (though not in Glorantha). I don't see why the God Learners, or Malkioni wizards in general, wouldn't have such runes, although I wouldn't expect them to have been published anywhere.

OTOH, its worth noting that individual runes can stand for different things in different contexts. For example, in the real world, the runes for the planet Mars, the metal iron, and for masculinity are (or at least can be - there are alternatives) all the same thing - the familiar spear and shield symbol ♂. In a similar vein, I can well imagine Gloranthans using the darkness rune to mean 'lead' as well as 'darkness', especially if they accompany it with the mineral rune. Apart from extreme specialists, why wouldn't they?

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