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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 16:33:36 -0000

> I had more "materialistic" runes in mind; symbols devised for the various metals, the planets, etc, much like their real world equivalents (

If you look at Elder Secrets-Secrets Book, you will find that there is a use of runes for the different metals. In Hero Wars we had a Form Rune "Mineral", which would be the ideal combination for the various runic metals.

<mineral><fire> El-metal, gold
<mineral><light (or rather sky)> Ze-metal, tin
<mineral><earth> Ga-metal, copper
<mineral><darkness> Na-metal, lead
<mineral><air> Ur-metal, bronze
<mineral><water> Za-metal, quicksilver
<mineral><heat> Lo-metal, aluminum (i.e. solidified quicksilver, no idea how this connection to Lodril came up...)

<mineral><death> Hu-metal, iron
<mineral><fertility> Ul-metal, silver (nowadays <mineral><moon>)

<mineral><stasis> or <mineral><stone> adamant

no idea about the other five powers

<mineral><dragon(ewt?)> dragonbone

<mineral><bat> Qa-metal (Qatanara, Blue Moon Plateau Bat - from Drastic Darkness)

I'm somewhat curious about what symbols to use for liquid essences, <spirit> or <water>.

Combinations like <spirit><fire> or <water><fertility> could be alcohol (water of life, aqua vitae or uisge beatha).            

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