Re: Char-Un

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Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 15:42:20 -0000

Depending on how complicated you want to make things....

Clearly the empire has some degree of claim on the redlands, even if it is more theoretical than in practice. The existing treaties or traditional rights and obligations may make the Redlands able to avoid paying taxes....after all, they were established in part to provide a buffer against the horse nomads, so the original deal may have been that they 'paid' in military service/risk rather than taxes.

But as you say, the emperor needs money, and the horse nomads haven't posed a major threat in a long time. Perhaps it would be time to start getting taxes out of the Redlands? But how to do it without breaking tradition/treaty? (in Glorantha this would not only be a loss of face, but no doubt a loss of magical power).

The answer is easy: incite them to break the agreements first, then the emperor is justified in siezing control to restore order, and imposing new conditions (not to mention probably granting lands to his supporters).

And how to do this? Why, there is this troublesome group of Char-un who need to be dealt with anyway, so kill two birds with one stone. Send them to the Redlands with orders that will no doubt cause them to gain the hatred of everyone around them. They are just dupes, but most likely send some spy types to help catalyze that anger into something more tangible that could be used as justification for taking direct control. A slaughter of the Char-un troop would be a perfect outcome from this perspective....

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