Re: Orlanthi and looting of the dead.

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Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 10:04:16 +0200 (CEST)

Read some Icelandic sagas.  Lawsuits and fines up the wazoo.  This is what my answer was based upon, not seeing Perry Mason growing up, or LA Law as an adult.
/// Icelanders are no latins ! And, again, do note this wasn't a criticism, merely a thought.

BTW, letting bygones be bygones is how the Hatfield McCoy feud ended (well, sort of ended - the two families still had a bunch of lawsuits between them over the years, but no killings, anymore), so that does happen -- it is just boring to play (at least all the time).
/// Hatfield McCoy doesn't sound too latin either.

I would think, from asking the question in the first place, that you expected the answer to be more than the D&D way of killing people and taking their stuff with no negative consequences.
/// Not sure how I shoud take that, but it's what role-playing was a the start, and still is to many of us. Infusing games with duties to communities, consequences for breaking laws was a great way to make RP more mature, deeper and we all love that. As latin by culture, I'm emphasizing much more the political aspects of things that the "juridique".

Takes all kinds !            

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