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From: Pomeroi <pomeroi_at_qaMWEmYlJiEcgd_1KyszJkpxIiB0pg9LlP7Ki33yvVioLIO27NRz58iGbv7c1NrOqhLC>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:46:20 +0200

On 18.04.2012 16:02, Kenrae wrote:
> And most important, even if I prefer lists, it's easier to get new
> people with forums.

I cannot follow most arguments given in this thread, but the line above. It is not about being outdated. Both have their pros and cons. My preference of the two would be list, because actually the fastest way to search is IN YOUR LOCAL mailbox. If you just put 2 cent worth of your brain time in a filter, the list will not clog anything. So this is not point. It is at your fingertips at any time, and you can choose to neglect to follow while your time is limited, and just come back whenever you want. Au contraire, I added the good old "Gloranthan Digest" and "Andrew Bell's and Henke Langeveld's RuneQuest Digest" to my mailbox and have it searchable! I did never read it in full, but it is at my fingertips.

Having said this, as an old pioneer in internet protocols I would still prefer nntp which is even more "outdated" if you will, but still superiour to any other form discussed here. But now, sadly, we come to the point. Kenrae wrote it. I am sure, most of you do not even know how to handle an nntp account, and most of your ISPs don't offer a server anymore. So we should stick with what we think most people can handle. It should be searchable by the internet (so far, all varieties are, if you choose to make them public), but also searchable within their own system (yahoo is poor here, as already noted), but then again I don't like most forums here neither, and I would like to have it searchable in my local system.

MY preference would be
NNTP - perhaps I would put up a server even, not done that for years. List


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