Re: The most gloranthan sentence ever

From: hcarteau_at_Sr3u6jRjt-FnCzNuboifE2MjblzOzFf8yUS07Pi4GyfmTjhDOrZBF5LA0azHsObmdsB
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 23:19:59 +0200 (CEST)

 And it is absolutely clear to you, that this woman standing beside you IS Ernalda..." Long pause ... "... while only deep in the back of your consciousness you know she is Selene." (The character'r real name.) They got it!

/// To me, it's the whole key to Heroquesting : IDENTIFICATION. If you really, deeply, completely identify with your God / Ancestor / Hero / whatever, you can do whatever he did. If you don't fully do - you're in trouble. You won't find the inner strength, the Faith to power you. Subtle opponents, or not-so-subtle opponents with acute senses, will know it. They will smell your doubts. They will throw them to your face, try to widen, deepen them. Try to erase your God/Hero out of you. And you'll lose. That's why I play Silkinister like such a maniac.

Of course, fully identifying to your God is also dangerous. You will make the same mistakes he did, suffer the same ordeals he did. And the people who support you will suffer accordingly.

As a good jernotian, I believe Balance is the key to everything - but not in this case. You are or you aren't your God. You can't be "a little like" your God.

Deep in the back of the PC's human consciousness, a crack grows...            

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