The most gloranthan sentence ever

From: hcarteau_at_evaePov_AwGuZOWcel4kD3viR9-FrPihhyTAE3c8JIda0Kk84Ok91A9H5FJbXKZN_IC
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 18:21:29 +0200 (CEST)

A few nights ago, we were exchaing various messages with other players and the GM, preparing the Final Battle of the Orlmarthi campaign, where our characters actually free Hofstaring or die trying. We've gone all the way down to the hell of pain. We are ready.

My character, Silkinister the humakti, is quite hardcore. He has sworn he'd kill ikadz the torturer ; it's a Heroquest Challenge for him. He is absolutely super-charged with Death Magics (including support from the Household of Death). I have always played him as a morbid maniac, but in this case he IS Humakt. I reminded that to our GM.

GM answered this :
There's no doubt Silkinister is Humakt.
There's no doubt he isn't.

When I read this, I felt a violent flash behind my eyes, the world spun, and I got Illuminated...


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