Esvular, Aeolian Church, etc. in HQ2

From: Daniel <von_das_at_hqKHEXnXlc0rF1_w7zHiVFFbVL1fqB35M79bB0aG2cgQTn082ZSUe3rFeN1vpK9AECZv>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 00:28:48 -0000

With how Glorantha is being reimagined (refined, distilled, what have you) in connection to HQ2, I'm curious to hear what the new stance on Esvular and Aeol is. Would it still be around? How does it mesh with the new West? Are the Orlanthi gods still considered saints (with what that means in the new edition of the West), or are they something else?

Esvular always struck me as a potentially very neat idea (religious syncreticism, the best of both worlds between the philosophical and rationalistic Western worldview and Orlanthi cultural values, and so on) that perhaps didn't get as fleshed out as much as one would have liked. Plus the Misapplied Worship thing in HQ1 had made it somewhat handicapped. I'd like to know what the new take on it (or on any other kinds of syncreticism in Heortland) is.            

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