Re: Gloranthan Kickstarter

From: Scott <romulan_ace_at_sEYxDdO5RnU7r5DpKxejuVw4GCPDZ9F6-OvhgjRi7NkfD7gaY8uwuN3_jiUIp6vJ>
Date: Thu, 03 May 2012 23:58:05 -0000

I like the map idea. Reminds me of those nice Tekumel hex maps from way back when.

But I think to get enough funding these maps would have to be part of a hex-and-counter game. People wanting just the map(s) could be catered to using the Kickstarter "pay for the option you want" paradigm.

Maybe an updated Dragon Pass would be the first one, with Prax, the Holy Country, the Lunar Empire, etc. following. Each one would be self-contained, but could be combined for a SPI-style monster game treatment of the Hero Wars.

As an example of what's possible, a single motivated fan of SPI's Albion published a quite nice (I have two copies) expansion called Fornaldar. I believe he broke even making a little over 100 copies and selling them for around $60.

Fornaldar's Boardgamegeek page:

A nice image of the countersheet:!enclosure=.1dd4d44e

A thread on Consimworld with the designer's progress:


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