Re: The Saga (so far) of Leikestra Longstride (was) My GWV: How Geo's Swenstown, came to The Block

From: hcarteau_at_R6Qe9M29Eg5tVGRtsJ7iqEjnhykyUdv6jGjEp_Ex0gOCn0AnSB-UywqsCzkO-zISsF_
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 17:34:02 +0200 (CEST)

That is some piece of work. You were absolutely right to let the player use this in full, as it shows so much motivation.

As for your game's narration, it was again very stimulating read. Building a dark, desesperate setting that gets players on edge is difficult, and you made it. Upping the stakes by dropping a lot of innocents (I like to use childrend NPCs) to save on their lap is even better. And ending it all with a dramatic, destructive twist is the perfect end. I'll remember that one ! Love the end with the whole building being dropped at the Spike's base.

The "Butch Cassidy and the Kid" final scene is an excellent reference as well. I'd have allowed the PC to go down fighting, using the Pyhrric victory rule - that was a perfect moment to do so. I'd have let them take a lot of lunar lives along. And who knows: they might have made it.            

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