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Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2012 15:08:13 -0000

YGWV, David is somewhat correct. The tales vary far and wide as to how the fate of the watchdog became legend. Last time I heard it:

The watchdog met a girl who was from one of the hidden clans of Prax, lost all alone when a great whirlvish separated her from her people, the Gale callers, the clan of the winds, who lived on the flattest part of the plains. The girl was burdened with a powerful curse, a pair of ruby slippers she knew little about, save that they were a prize taken from a sorceress from the east. The sorceress' sister, a great Lunar witch from the west was pursuing the girl, and out of pity the watchdog swore to protect her. Wicked witch, or no wicked witch...

The watchdog was the last of the three companions to accompany the girl. A trickster stickpicker had joined her when she had stopped in the maize fields of Sun County. While sometimes wise, most thought he had little brains and was more prone to sing or dance than provide any real protection. Her second companion must have been of dwarven make. He was clad in armor from head to toe, and he wielded the favored weapon of the mostali with ease. It was an odd choice of weapon in a land largely devoid of wood. While he claimed to be heartless, he doted on the girl and protected her as a steadfast companion. The girl repaid his kindness by soothing his battle weary joints with scented oils each night. The watchdog helped the girl and her two protectors out of cowardice more than for any other purpose. Too scared to stay where he was, he joined them on their journey to see a great Wizard at the end of the road they travelled, hoping to find that missing piece of himself, little realizing he already possessed it.

David Scott <sciencefish_at_...> wrote:
> On 8 Jun 2012, at 10:22, Keith wrote:
> > What does this nomad god do once it starts wandering the plaines?
> On it's way out of Corflu, it meets a young desert tracker wearing an unusual pair of red slippers with a pet hyena. The girl says the slippers will keep them safe from the Lunars. Later they meet a basmoli, and an orlanthi stickpicker. After many adventures, they head along one of Ronance's magical yellow paths to Feroda where it's heard what it's missing maybe found. Near Feroda they meet a ancient wizard who tells the watchdog it doesn't need the missing parts. The wizard gives the Basmoli his missing god's skin, and tells the stickpicker his name is Argrath. At that moment the girl taps her red heels together three times and the world begins to end.

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