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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 18:01:42 +0200 (CEST)

When a mortal goes to God Time and changes it, that mortal has made his/her mark of the God Plane. That takes the form of a brand new myth, but as it is now part of the God Plane, it has "always" been there. Other HeroQuestors can now use that myth or path as a template for their own HeroQuests, either following what the mortal did or changing it slightly to achieve different results.

/// This is the clearest, sharpest comment I've read on "humans as Gods". Simon, who wrote this, and whom I saw prance around in a morokanth suit in a french castle (yes he did) is clearly Illuminated, nay Enlightened at least 15M. I fully agree with this : once a mortal has built an event on the Other Side, it's there, and has always been. There is No Time on the Other Side.

A Lunar follower of Yanafal Tarnils could go to Hell and be nailed to a spike as part of a heroquest, as that is something that Yanafal Tarnils did on his God Quest.. /// Thats sounds fascinating. Did you make it up ? Can you say more, wherever the story comes from ? .

> Sorry because it is may be a noob question, but it is disturbing and could be disturbing for all players that want to play a follower of the 7 mothers now that we have "Pavis"
It is disturbing - HeroQuesting is very open and any interaction with the GodPlane is open to interpretation. /// No need to apologize; these are very stimulating questions ! Players should indeed find the concept of Heroquesting very "disturbing". Even armed with the best knowledge, and the full suppport of your community, you don't know what you get yourself in, and the consequences could be immense for you and all those whom you love. Make the players rightly fear heroquesting. Most Heroquests were undertaken as absolute last-step measures of desesperation !

In fact, it is almost as if we are on a HeroQuest to work out what HeroQuesting is about. /// I stand corrected. You are Enlightened at least 10M2. So how does it feel to have your Seventh Soul Akindled, O wise Master ?            

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