Re: Ompalam

From: hcarteau_at_PuTUN5pDQBlf3OsTMXXn5s2B6u6gCt9XxpFsZEbWmqbgAw7jmZHrzG29mcMVbAjLxug
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 00:02:57 +0200 (CEST)

To me, western 21st century Glorantha Fan, The Ompalam religion a social organization based on slavery that has many evil overtones, but has nothing chaotic nor perverse. Some of its rulers are deliberatedly cruel, as Archidomedes, ruler of Golden Kareeshtu. But he worships Tentacule, which is another name for Ompalam, or perhaps the God that Ompalam worships, or a son/hero of Ompalam. The afadjanni worship Darleester the Noose, yet another form/aspect of the god of Slavery, backed by the ever-present threat of strangulation - their local touch.

To fonritans themselves, Ompalam is the Greater God which organized the universe, and there is absolutely nothing chaotic there. Many perfectly virtuous people live in Fonrit, who try to raise their children as best as they can. Yet some evil bastards also exist, who abuse their slaves. But there much fewer chaotics in Kareesthu as in the lunar heartland, for instance.

A jolar Wise Man told me "ompalam" is a perversion of Pamalt, their own Great God of Chieftains. He said the northerners (who live on the pamaltelan coasts) are evil and weak, relying on work done by their slaves, whom they torture and debase. But he didn't speak about chaos.

The Patriach of Niskordos has called fonritans "demon worshippers" and "sorcerers", and some simpler souls understood he called the fonritans chaotic. But in truth the Living Saint did not say that.

So, Ompalam is evil for its ennemies, but none of them called it/him "chaotic". And whatever the accursed godlearners could have said we do not care about. Burn the old prosopaedium. Glory to Hrestol.            

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