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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 01:19:39 +0100

> /// If the Bull doesn't sense it, it's not chaos. Trust the Bull. Also, don't tell the Bull there is
>way to hide the chaos taint - it would be poorly accepted, with a sudden change of state of
>health for all involved. As they say, any chaos is all chaos. If it doesn't smell chaotic, it's not.

I'm sure Uroxi are used to some chaotics hiding their nature from the sense chaos ability. Therefore they will still be suspicious of strangers and may choose to kill them for other reasons.

>I wonder what happens when the Bull fumbles the use of his Chaos Sense.

Depends on which way to fumble goes.If they fail to detect chaos when it's there then nothing. If they detect chaos when it isn't there you've probably got an extra corpse.

Donald Oddy


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