Re: The same good ol' question : what is Chaos ?

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_G_Sxyg28Dyk9K9tAmcuLp6Up5tEPyZ-fekjxDTx1AQm-20rD5KEEq1mwa7WwWqxXK2L>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:27:55 +1200

On 8/20/2012 9:34 PM, David Cake wrote:
> I think Cults of Terror implies that Arkats army did call the elves krjalki (pg 18), because the non-human enemies of Arkats army would almost certainly include elves (the elves being the main non-human allies of Nysalor), but it also says that this is due to Brithini ignorance and unfamiliarity with non-humans - the native Seshnelans who are familiar with elves presumably would not have made this mistake.

Except there's a Elvish forest in Brithos.

As for Elves being the main inhuman allies of Nysalor, I'm doubtful. Dragonewts are more commonly mentioned (supposedly as Palangio's slaves) while the contribution of Elves in the Battle of Night and Day doesn't amount to very much. The only Aldryami army I'm aware is that of Ballid which supported Arkat.

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