Re: The same good ol' question : what is Chaos ?

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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 18:54:47 +0100

David Cake wrote:
> > Indeed, there is a specialist order/cult of Malkioni chaos fighters in
> > my Glorantha. They're nothing like the Uroxi, but there's at least a
> > fair overlap in what they're fighting.
> I think to the Malkioni, one of the terrors of chaos is that it is
> insidious. Elves and trolls may be bad, but most of the time, you can
> deal with them as outsiders to be dealt with by conventional, well
> understood, horali and war magic. Even the same with Vadeli - they may
> be evil incarnate, but at least they are conveniently colour coded for
> ease of identification most of the time. But a lot of the Western
> experience of chaos is that it can be insidious. Gbaji, vampires,
> succubi/Seseine.

> So the specialist chaos fighters are probably like the inquisition.
> They hunt down the insidious chaos, the Boristi, the vampires, the
> demon summoners and Nysalorians.

Yup; I think the Zemuroni would do a fair bit of that, although the big squiggly things with tentacles are also opponents, should they live near somewhere like Dilis,. FWIW, there's some mention of them in BoGJ, and rather more on my website (in 'Kingdom of the Flamesword'). I might even do a fuller version for Rule One at some point, although I have many other things on my plate at the moment.

Entirely my Glorantha, YGWV, and all that.

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