Re: Shadows Dance and the GIant Land adjacent

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Giants: "An extremely surly and untrustworthy Chaotic race. They have a fondness for human flesh. At full growth of 15 meters a SIZ roll of 22D6+18...Giants are so naturally contrary that any magical attempt to ti influence their actions or emotional response have only a 5% chance..." RQ2. Obviously bad and nasty, assume Mountain Giants.

"..a hell spawned race, who often reached a height of 50 feet. They normally shunned human contact but the smell of carnage and carrion would lure them from their mountain lairs in hopes of easy feasting. People called them Devourers." Dragon Pass rules. Certainly not friendly, and obviously Mountain Giants.

"Giant (Hecalonti, Mountain Giant)
Giants are huge dumb people. The typical giant is twenty feet tall or so in height, but smaller and larger individuals are common." Heroquest 1

"When he had been young Argrath had once aided some giants, and they had never forgotten his help....All three kinds of giants came to help."

The three kinds I take to be Elder Giants (Gonn Orta) Jolanti (they are mentioned) and Mountain Giants (as these are the beings from the Dragon Pass game that Argrath can also control) but it could be interpreted to mean Genertelan Giant Spirits as Too Big To Be Seen sounds like a Praxian deity to me.

"Giants alive today are no longer as powerful as their ancient kin.." Hero Wars Narrator's Book

Anaxial's Roster has the best description, I think, describing Mountain giants as distant descendants of Elder Giants who have lost a lot of their powers

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