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Taking this Praxian giant stuff back to its origin: we know that Greg Stafford was a devourer of mythology and it's not unreasonable to assume that local mythologies influenced him when the Praxians were born. There are many north american stories of giants interacting with the local peoples, so the connection of Praxians to giants is an obvious one (I'm well aware the Praxians are not north american indians). Look up them up they provide surprising insight into gloranthan giants, some can change into giant animals (Big Owl), some are man-eaters, others sound very familiar:

"Kuku is a kind of man-eating giant, usually (but not always) described as female. She is so huge that she carries the people she catches in a bag over her shoulder the way human hunters carry rabbits. Her name may derive from the Mi'kmaq word for "earthquake," kiwkw, since she is so large her footsteps shake the earth. According to some legends, Kuku is a sea monster covered in scales who preys mostly on people paddling canoes or walking along the beach. In other legends, she lives in the mountains and is often mistaken for a boulder until it is too late."

"Moshup is a giant who is the culture hero of the Mohegan and Wampanoag tribes (sometimes referred to as a "transformer" by folklorists.) Moshup is strongly associated with whales; in most tribal traditions he would catch whales to feed the people, and in some stories, he and/or his children eventually transform into whales themselves. Moshup has a wife named Squannit, who is a powerful medicine woman of the Little People."

Here's a great story of the animals wanting to live with the giants

It's clear to me the Praxian origins of giants.

On 7 Sep 2012, at 12:31, jorganos <> wrote:

> The founders have a shape in which they are giants with animal heads. I note that the different brothers display different animal heads.
> Strangest is the Morokanth founder, who is four-legged with a gern-shaped head. Still gigantic, though.

Cults of Prax tells us of the founders "The being so summoned is of awesome power, far beyond the normal scope of play, appearing as a human with the appropriate herd animal's head, standing up to 20 meters tall, with a strength and size equal to ten times that of the summoning Kahn." (Tales 15 and God's of Glorantha say the same in size.)

Nothing's mentioned of the Morokanth founder but it's safe to assume that the Morokanth founder has a Morokanth body with a human head. Founders are not animals so it's got a human head. There's a cool picture of the Bison and Impala founder fighting here (from Nomad Gods).

> I'm far from convinced that these are the only shapes the founders can or will take.

Well, the founders are the sons of Storm Bull and he's depicted as a bull headed man or a giant bull. The Morokanth would portray Storm Bull as the body of a Morokanth with the head of a man (with horns of course) and can also be depicted as a giant man...

Eiritha tells us about the great herd: "When a normal man or woman enters the spirit world of their own safe circles, they visit the Great herd. There is Eiritha herself, a huge cow of whatever herd the visitors are members. She is surrounded by others less spectacular in size, but each with her own splendour."

So the Morokanth see Eiritha as a giant human (she's not an animal).


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