Re: Entekosiad (Was Cults for Dara Happan noble women)

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Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 13:22:57 +0800

On 06/10/2012, at 10:44 PM, soltakss wrote:

> Peter Metcalfe:

>>>> Dendara, the Goddess of Air
>>> Goddess of Air? Really? I'd have thought that would have been Entekos. I'd have pegged Dendara as Goddess of Earth or Goddess of Marriage.
>> Dendara has air powers ever since the Entekosiad was published sixteen 
>> years ago.

> Ah, I see. That explains it.
> Of all the early Stafford Library/Unfinished Works, the Entekosiad was the most disappointing, in my opinion.

        While it is my favourite of the Unfinished Works. Such a deep dive into the complexity of myth.

> It read like a Lunar Thesis on HeroQuesting, which it probably was.

        Well, in large part it was an example of Lunar heroquesting, which teaches a lot by example. There is quite a lot to be learnt about the Lunar attitudes to heroquesting, too - the way the Lunars call it Travel and Journey isn't just a term, it reflects their attitudes that you must first learn and understand foreign myths rather than just start by trying to force them into your own worldview (a very different approach to the Orlanthi or the Solars).

> It seemed to me that a Lunar HeroQuestor was trying to prove a connection between Dendara and Entekos. Does that mean there was a connection or just that a connection was made under certain circumstances?

        Mostly, Valare Addi is trying to prove a connection between Entekos and the Red Goddess. She fails - she learns that they are not the same.

> I found it frustratingly disappointing and felt that it muddied the waters considerably.

	I loved the ambiguity! I think the Entekosiad was the work that taught me to stop wanting definitive answers. 

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