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Those two examples are directly out of HQ 1's examples of what Gustbrani smiths can make. Generic Sharp Sword seems rather limited to me in terms of MGF.

     I guess my feeling is that since HQ puts a lot of emphasis on players being able to play non-combat cults, playing those non-combat cults needs to feel as cool as playing Orlanthi and Humakti, albeit in different ways.

Andrew E. Larsen

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> Making a Lightning Spear, or an Undead-Cleaving Sword implies IMO specialized magics from the Gods : from Orlanth or Humakt in this case.
> Orlanth doesn't forge, he goes on Quests and rips the lightning spear from the fire tribe. I'd say my bonesmiths couldn't make one.
> Humakt has Iginew the Swordsmith sub-cult, which can perfectly well imbue Swords with specific powers, particularly against undead.
> For a Gustbran smith, I'd stick with your initial, generic approach : "Sharp Weapons to Protect Clan" for instance.
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> > So one of my PCs worships Gustbran, and I've been wondering how to handle him making magic items. What I'm currently thinking is that any initiate can do a simple enchantment (Sword Hits Harder, for example) that grants a +3 bonus to a weapon for a session. If the character receiving the enchantment wants to make it permanent he can spend a Hero Point to get a Keyword at 13 or a +2 Breakout.
> > To make a more special weapon, such as an Undead Cleaving Sword he needs to be Devotee, needs to collect special components, and needs to learn a Feat to make that particular weapon. Once made, the recipient needs to spend a Hero Point to keep it. If the smith then wants to make a Lightning Spear, he needs to learn that as a separate feat.
> > Does that seem like a reasonable way to handle things? Or is there a single Forge Remarkable Weapon Feat, which can be applied to any special weapon the character can find the lore to make?
> HQ2 has some rules on making items p98. But I would suggest instead the
> following.
> The smith needs a forge. Define that as a community (HQ2 p87 following).
> The forge will have five abilities. Let's say the forge has the ability
> to make magic swords at 6W.
> The smith can draw upon the resources of the forge to make any number of
> magic swords (HQ2 p88). This gives him the Magic Swords resource at
> 6W. The difficulty of obtaining this resource is conditioned by the
> amount of time he has to make the swords, the number of people he has to
> make it for (outfitting an army is considerably more difficult than
> outfitting a party).
> In addition, the resource should be used for a specific goal in mind.
> Don't allow to keep my party strong. Do allow to raid the Blind King's
> Castle or to defend my village from the Ewoks of Doom. Once the goal is
> completed, the resource is used up - the magic wears out from the
> swords, too many of them have been broken or dented to be useful.
> To make specific or legendary weapons needs only be dealt with if the
> end result is giving an ability to another player. I would simply treat
> the weapon as a retainer (HQ2 p62) or perhaps even a sidekick (p64).
> --Peter Metcalfe

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