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Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 21:15:48 +1300

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> Is it possible to "purge" them of vadeli influences? Everything's possible. Now that would be some Quest.

There are several solutions that I can think of.

  1. "Kill them all". Morally despicable and highly impractical. I daresay some Fonritan Rulers have come to believe this is the only possible solution and are active plotting towards this end. They are unlikely to stop at just wiping out the Fonritans as they are even more suspicious and afraid of the non-Fonritans.
  2. "Send in the Knowledge Assassins!" It has been done before for the EWF and the God Learners. But I'm inclined to think it won't work for several reasons a) It's too neat a solution b) Zzabur couldn't do it and c) the Knowledge Assassins didn't go after the Fonritans even though the latter were elf-haters who lived right next door.
  3. "A New God for a New Order!" You know the script. The Heroes discover a new deity whose worship will sweep away the poisonous doctrines of the Vadeli and inaugurate a Just and Virtuous Fonrit. What could possible go wrong? Nothing except that it's been tried before repeatedly throughout Fonritan history. A new faith erupts armed with paradisal promises. At first, it sweeps all before it, then it suffers setbacks, few and minor ones at first, more and major ones later such that its support collapses and the Vadeli wisdom transforms it into just another Fonritan cult. We can even name some of these cults: Yran, Seseine, Katele, Abiding Book etc.
  4. "Down the Rabbit Hole!" While Fonrit is blighted by the use of Vadeli insights, they do not use them freely. Their use is always carried out with a great deal of reservation and deliberation by the rulers. What if this was the wrong approach to take? What if the Vadeli insights far from being evil truths were in fact morally neutral and the Vadeli simply decided to be wicked? By embracing wholeheartedly these revelations, an aspiring hero could find a solution for Fonrit.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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