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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 17:53:02 +0100 (CET)

At the Moon Design/Design Mechanism Summit, held in Ann Arbor MI, last weekend,
/// That sound very impressive, à la "World company board" deciding about the future of the world. Which, in its way, it was !

I was given an extensive tour of the Guide to Glorantha and can say that its Epic Awesome factor is on the Nigel Tufnell 'These go to 11' scale.
/// For what I've seen and read, it's even a 12. Or a 20.

The maps are stunning, the content is rich and extensive, and soooo many questions that people have raised over the years will be answered (plus a whole raft more, raised, I'm guessing).
/// Good. We like answers, but unanswered questions are cool too.

As Rick mentioned, a 'Gods of Glorantha' book will need to be a separate project - if its to be as comprehensive as the Guide -
/// That could be very interesting ! Will it try to include all cultures?

but I can confirm that Design Mechanism will include a fair selection of cults in 'RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha', which will be the foundation book for using RQ on the lozenge.
/// And, praytell, what'll be in that book ? Which adventures are we talking about ?

RQ:AiG will be followed by RQ:We're Not Telling You Yet, a setting and campaign book focused on a particular region in Glorantha.
/// You teaser you. Can you at least say if it's NOT in Sartar ? (I hope so).

Both RQ:AiG and RQ:WNTYY will be designed with both newcomers and old hands in mind, conform canonically with the Guide and also with the new Gods book.
/// Fine and well. There is only One Truth and it's in the Book of Books : the GtG!

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