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Thanks to everybody contributing to this, but most do not hit the/my point.

A praxian nomad scenario is NOT similar to a Sartarite one, or a scenario originally for Heortling characters in Prax with swapped perspective. You give good plot seeds, but...

It is still a bit more that makes a scenario. You need to create the atmosphere for the PCs' view.
What I mean is: Thanks to the lot of Heortling material we know so much about "life on a stead". I know so little about "life in a kraal", and that even though I have some example from RW, as my interest was to study (not in a scholar way!) about tribal life in Africa.

For example:
- Kin and bloodline may (surely! I would say) not have a "Heortling-deep" meaning (my brother is not considered more worthy than any person of the community), though:

- ancestors (dead ones) may be even more important
- the bond to nature might be stronger (surely is!!)
- shortage of resources to sustain your life is common to a desert nomad 
and almost unknown (in this extent) to people in moderate climate and fertile land
- shortage of almost all resources makes you ascetic - a cattle raid surely is the worst crime you can possibly do, not at all comparable to the "sportive event" in Sartar - crafts, skills and awareness to life are entirely different to Sartar - a.s.o.

Only meek examples in my short time, I know, but you get the idea. In my campaigns, look and feel are more important to scenarios than plots are! I would not be able to create this for a Praxian society, given the background material at my hands.


On 05.11.2012 04:09, Alison Place wrote:
> I would assume that many people have run Sun County or Borderlands campaigns. Many of the scenarios that would have been thought up by GMs after doing the set stuff would undoubtedly involve Praxians. Take those, then switch the interactions around so that the PCs are playing the tribal side of things, and Raus and his lot, or the Sun County people, are now the other side. If the original scenario had realistic motives (in Gloranthan terms) for the tribal characters, then the same should work in reverse. A vital well or oasis has been fouled or taken over by another clan or tribe, studs/sacred mounts stolen, children lost, good old interpersonal conflicts over who gets to be chief kahn or Eiritha priestess, people kidnapped by morokanth, Chaos problems, encounters with traders, Lunars, Garhounders, etc. I think that a lot of the likely mindsets of the various tribes have been discussed, so then all a GM should have to do is pose the problem
> of the day to the players, and let them deal with it.
> Alison
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>> Mightn't it be similar in some ways to Sartarite campaigns? Granted, they are nomadic, but some of the activities like raiding, etc, would seem to be analogous. of course, I don't know a lot about them myself, so mgwv.
>> YOurs,
>> Zack.
>> On Nov 4, 2012, at 6:03 PM, Andrew Larsen<aelarsen_at_...> wrote:
>>> Well, I think it's also in part due to the difficulty of picturing what Praxian scenarios look like. There aren't enough models to help people picture what one does in a Praxian campaign. I've always found it helpful to have sources of inspiration like a scenario.
>>> Andrew E. Larsen
>>> On Nov 4, 2012, at 3:06 PM, hcarteau_at_... wrote:
>>>> /// Hem. Perhaps it's because life as a praxian beast rider is both gruesome and boring ? Perhaps it's because it pales in comparison with flamboyant, grandiose settings like Dara Happa or Teshnos ? Perhaps it's a PETA plot ? (I mean PETA as defined by Charlie Krank, of course).
>>>> It always surprises me how little has been published on Praxian tribes, given how early Prax became a focus in Glorantha. For example, apart from Waha's Quest, there are no published scenarios specifically for Praxian characters that I know of. Drastic: Prax and the two Tales issues are really nice, but it would wonderful to have more ready-to-run materials.
>>>> Andrew E. Larsen

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