Re: Zzabur and the Great Compromise

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 20:21:36 -0000

> babeldemeter3:

>> In my humble quest of enlightenment, I wonder if the famous Zzabur is bound by the Great Compromise.

>> He was able to transport Brithos into the Otherworld creating the Closing as a side effect in 920 ST.
>> Was this act at variance with the Great Compromise or not ?
>> And his wish to flood Fronela ?

920 clearly fell into a time when the compromise was broken in many places in Glorantha, like in the Clanking City. One might argue that Zzabur acted as an agent of the Compromise, aiming to drown or shut off all the God Learners.

Simon Phipp
> I've never really thought about it before.

> My gut feeling would be that he should be, as he is of deity-power and deity-provenance, although not from a theistic background.

> However, he seems to be free to act in the mundane world.

> Flooding Fronela is nothing - that's just using magic to drown a land. Nothing there that would affect the Compromise.

> Moving Brithos to another plane, however, might be seen as messing about with the fabric of the world.

Not any more than opening or closing the access to a Hidden Castle / Hidden Green. Taking a place out of the world isn't exactly a new kind of event. Castle Blue, the Hidden Greens, other disappearing lands... reappearance of the Vadeli Isles... the appearance of the Kingdom of War, all "changes to the fabric of the world".

> But, whatever his acts are, the very fact that he can do them means that he cannot be bound by the Compromise.

> So, this raises another question - Why is Zzabur not bound by the Compromise?

As I said above, this was a time when the Compromise was weak, and the world was subject to cataclysmic changes. I don't think that Zzabur was the only divine power taking an active interest and hand in the mundane world.            

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