Re: How to introduce the elder races

From: David Weihe <blerg2_at_...>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 11:17:51 -0800 (PST)

Mike Dawson wrote:
> As Mostali are not descended from Grandfather Mortal,

I must have missed this. Where do the rules state this?  Not "Where is there a heroband described that is convinced that dwarves are not descended from Grandfather Mortal?" but an unambiguous statement from Greg, or even Sandy Peterson, to this effect?

I always found it interesting that the heroband of Grandfather Mortal descendants from the Masters Of Luck And Death book was convinced that mostali had no descent from Him but had a VERY permanent secretary who was a Diamond dwarf from the Dawn Council era.  My thought was that he had manipulated the other members into doing his (and thus his faction of his dwarf city's) bidding by subtle manipulations (imagine if Sir Humpfrey Appleby was also another Prof. Moriarty, but without a Sherlock or even a Mycroft to oppose him).

Mind, I could believe that some of the True Mostali might have been free of that taint (certainly Mostal himself/itself was), but that is harder to believe for the Clay Mostali, especially if the Closehandist faction is part of your Glorantha.

>  ... vampires may not prey on them. Nor can they be turned into one. At least not via Vivamort's magic!

 Oddly, I seem to remember a vampire dwarf in Delecti's home fortress.

Anyway, Grandfather Mortal is a First Council era myth that may be early Godlearnerism by Malkioni observers or Aolian members.  As such, it may be a good guess rather than Gloranthan fact, or manufactured fact rather than what a survivor of the Sunrise (Androgeus, Gonn Orta, or Cragspider being the only ones that I can remember making it to the late Third Age) would have stated.  The baboons had an ancestor figure that exactly paralleled GfM, but wasn't; maybe the heroquest to unite the baboon Grandfather with the unified one had been put off because the questors or their sponsors had been a bit queesy about adding in an intelligent animal into the mix, and had not got around to adding in Grandfather Dwarf before the heroquestors were eliminated or at least distracted from their plans.            

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