Praxian tribal campaign

From: Pomeroi <pomeroi_at_...>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 21:05:06 +0100

This last post brought me back to one thread we already started, but that went off into the wrong direction. Let me enliven it again.

It started as a spin-off concerning the question what people liked to be included in the new guide to Glorantha.

I do a bit of recap of what sparked it:

Andrew E. Larsen:
It always surprises me how little has been published on Praxian tribes, given how early Prax became a focus in Glorantha. For example, apart from Waha's Quest, there are no published scenarios specifically for Praxian characters that I know of. Drastic: Prax and the two Tales issues are really nice, but it would wonderful to have more ready-to-run materials.

[answering to several posts that raised plots above "look and feel"] You need to create the atmosphere for the PCs' view. What I mean is: Thanks to the lot of Heortling material we know so much about "life on a stead". I know so little about "life in a kraal", and that even though I have some example from RW, as my interest was to study (not in a scholar way!) about tribal life in Africa.

After that the thread went of into fussy subjects... if you still want to re-read it, it started here:

But now let us talk about the look and feel of being a Praxian nomad.

Any request to speak?


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