Re: Becoming a Wyter

From: Paul King <>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 18:51:00 +0000

My answers, inline.

On 13 Mar 2014, at 14:40, Pomeroi wrote:

> Qs:
> - Can this just happen? "Hello, I'm still here, now I am your wyter!" or
> what kind of ceremony do we need?

It's unlikely to just happen, there'd have to be some strong magic around, and some sort of community-building event. But if they were HeroQuesting it could happen.

> - His lifetime feats and deeds define his powers. But how much of the
> original personality persists? Does he even have an attitude or manners?

Very variable, but I'd guess that if he hasn't been dead for very long he'd probably keep a lot of that.

> - Memory. Does he remember his life?

See above.

> - Manifestation. I would go for lifetime possessions. Even his remains?

Maybe. It's going to be something with strong links to the original, whatever it is.

> - Who can communicate? Somewhere I read only the chief can do with a
> clan wyter, I read different elsewhere.

Probably the community head, possibly someone gets a special position that lets them do it, possibly everyone.

> - I understand a wyter may (and usually will) accept new members to the
> community. Could there be disagreement between group and wyter? For what
> results? Will a rejected one simply not benefit? (Naturally, my
> travelling group of adventures is not culturally as uniform as a clan is.)

I think that would depend on why the outsider was rejected. One of the more "personal" wyters could act against somebody they really hate, I think.

> - A clan member outside the tula would not benefit from a clan wyter.
> What is the scope/reach of a band wyter?

I think that's going to depend on the community. I'd tend to give a similar (but probably shorter) range from wherever the centre of the community - whatever that is - happens to be.

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