Re: Dragonewt peculiarities

From: Pomeroi [WorldofGlorantha] <>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 19:52:59 +0100

On 30.11.2014 19:21, wrote:
> My trick : tell the players everytime they try to interact with a dragonewt you'll roll a D20. Before their very eyes. 1 is extremely good for the players. 20 is catastrophic. 10-11 is neutral. Then make up the newt's reaction. But if they ask a second question, pat on its shoulder, cross its shadow or WHATEVER, roll again. This will quickly make the PCs understand how alien these creatures are. And it won't prevent to have the newts say/do whatever you will at the opportune moment. Works like a charm - my PCs avoid dragonewts like hell.

Thanks as always, Hervé,

my problem is, my players already do have a nice shun/respect/avoid attitude. But they do have a bit of a dream to influence dragonkind (through DNs) to side with orlanthi against lunars. "To side" may be too strong, but as the idea is not entirely out of scope (dragons _will_ be angered by Lunars and swallow some temple and break the glowline I read somewhere?), I don't want to discourage them entirely... or even I might say I like the idea. So I need some ideas on how the look and feel will be in dealing with DN or even being in their environment. The PCs did very successfully complete "Happiness is Dragonewt Shaped" of Heart in Glorantha, in case you know this scenario. As far as you can say this from dragonewts, this should give the PCs some standing.

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