[OT] Cheap publishing tricks

From: Michael Schwartz <mschwartz_at_x7BsXMMoTjEVl5vsAtPhFX1QGbb-ikitZE5APsLSuho7Hg5SQjfZkTivCMwmb5DZoz>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 10:46:10 -0500

Jeff Kyer wrote:

>The cost in printing between 96 and 64 is actually
>significant. At 96, you can't do some of the cheap
>stapling and folding tricks...

As someone with half a decade's experience in the printing industry, I can tell you that is simply not the case. Refer to "Wyrm's Footprints", "Strangers in Prax" and "Lords of Terror" as excellent examples of folded and stapled products over 96 pages in length. The only real cost is the edge trim at the end of the process, which adds up.

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