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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 10:45:34 -0500

All I know is that Greg's going with 64 and it would take a bigger man than I to shift him - which makes Trader Princes a BITCH to write.

But I like the hard cap of 1/3 background 2/3 story he's holding with.


Michael Schwartz wrote:
> Jeff Kyer wrote:
> >The cost in printing between 96 and 64 is actually
> >significant. At 96, you can't do some of the cheap
> >stapling and folding tricks...
> As someone with half a decade's experience in the printing industry, I
> can tell you that is simply not the case. Refer to "Wyrm's Footprints",
> "Strangers in Prax" and "Lords of Terror" as excellent examples of folded
> and stapled products over 96 pages in length. The only real cost is the
> edge trim at the end of the process, which adds up.
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