Re: Re: Honey

From: Bo RosÚn <brosen_at_nowLRG7Aa89G2BdqDNWeP77ibgqKZVYsyPgAFXo0BhdRuLZB7AlyqWAraKJ1p79YOCXqq>
Date: 21 Feb 2002 19:15:17 +0100

tor 2002-02-21 klockan 18.58 skrev KYER, JEFFREY:
> Bo! Thank you!

Happy to oblige.  

> I KNOW what one of the commodities the trader princes went to the Holy
> Country for was!
> Flangian Diamonds and CHOCOLATE!

Meaning no disrespect but I find it hard to swallow that this is _one_ commodity. Other than that, I'm sure you are correct.

I will not ask how far north you find chocolate, or about chocolate Esrola. Really, I won't.



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