From: Bo RosÚn <brosen_at_J32xySBmowKP97Ga06QxwcakC_IWWASZjESeV6zn1iJ31UVUwwJP0EbWlYUinRZaMq13q>
Date: 21 Feb 2002 11:54:53 +0100

tor 2002-02-21 klockan 11.24 skrev Michael Schwartz:

> pollenation. Overdruva covers interaction with all manner of wild plants
> (including the Aldryami).

True, honey is a bit sticky though. Does it belong to the plant or animal kingdom - for heortlings that is? But I agree that Overdruva fits well.  

> How about Voria? She is the Spring Maiden, after all.

Is the best honey gathered in spring? I don't think Voria has anything to do with honey, though I'm sure beekeepers pay special attention to her on Flower Day with an offering of sweets made from last years honey. Very popular among the childen.

> Indeed it is. Don't you just *love* all the fun little surprises tucked
> away in Storm Tribe and Thunder Rebels? :)

Yupp, which reminds me I should reread them to see what I missed first time.  



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