Re: Re: Saunas

From: Bo RosÚn <brosen_at_MCtdKvYHCRBkoXd8xlRGTjQ84Bz9f3ApqschoBSunh3GKiAik30Su2yvzlRK9rUdx01Eu>
Date: 21 Feb 2002 19:44:21 +0100

tor 2002-02-21 klockan 19.24 skrev Ian Cooper:
> Hey, how about some sort of Baths of Nelat connection
> with saunas for Orlanthi - the ritual purification and
> suffering seem appropriate after all.

I was just thinking along the same lines but never made the Nelat connection. Cool, well you know what I mean. Force the bad humours out (stale air, bad waters?) and return pink like a new born child in the world.
Could this even be part of the Sacred Time rituals?



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