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From: jeffkyer <toread_derysi_at_bBidXq40iTnn-Y3OlnfvJEdHvee4xAhHSijnE9LjVYLvUl_-Mb5K61x12bfqn7>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 02:35:36 -0000

Some of that seemed a bit anachronistic. I didn't really like the potatoes...

> I would certainly agree that potatoes aren't a staple: just one more
> vegetable like burdock. It's good to remember that few of Sartar's
> vegetables will look anything like those on our own tables.

The problem with potatoes is that whenever a culture is exposed to them, they almost instantly become a staple crop. There is no other food-stuff that produces that number of calories per acre under cultivation.

I'd say just ignore them or say that they taste bad. Sort of like burdock or bullrush hearts. =)  

> The stead essay mentions that oil is made from flax, cameline and
> oil-producing seeds and nuts.

Leave sunflowers to the Yelmalions...  

> Yipsa. Rich salmon runs are just too good to omit. And no one seems
to know
> what a waterwolf is!

I think its an important resource - it even makes a bit of Sartari history with Salmon Man. Now, that's an interesting bit of lore that could be incorporated into clan histories.

Beats running into a bog-squid.  

> I'd imagine
> > a decent salt source would be an important
> > for this not so important stead, I'd
> > think they'd import it. That sound right to people?
> Salt links are absolutely key resources, and those of any size will
> certainly be odal and controlled by a cult IMO.
> John

Salt licks would be a clan-controled resource, rather than a cult one, I think. Or even a tribal resource held in trust by the clan, perhaps.

Busy watching "Surviving the Iron Age" - great ideas for running a stead. Its Reality TV for the Orlanthi wannabe. The beermaking was interesting to watch.


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