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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:34:57 -0800

> - I'm pretty sure the Heortling don't know potatoes.
> I'm a big potatoe fan, so I'd love it if they did, but
> there has been no mention of them so far, and taters
> tend to quickly become a staple crop given their high
> yield, and we know the Heortling's staple crops are
> grains. I would expect other root vegetables though,
> like turnips and perhaps carrots and parsnips.

Potatoes are listed in the early sources: however it's been five seven years since I did up the Questlines flora/fauna/food lists (which were partially based on Rodin Greenbeak's Guide to Gloranthan Fauna, which is even older), so I cannot quote chapter and verse.

The tricky bit is that while our cultural analogues are European, the landscape and fauna of Sartar are predominantly North American.

I would certainly agree that potatoes aren't a staple: just one more root vegetable like burdock. It's good to remember that few of Sartar's vegetables will look anything like those on our own tables.


> - What are their sources of fat? Obviously animals
> provide quite a bit of it (from milk and from the
> meat).

There is considerably less saturated fat in these free range meats than in modern cuts. The animals are lean and rangey, so the proportion of protein to fat is three to one.

'Summer meat' is milk, 'winter meat' is meat and cheese.

Michael mentions linseed oil from flax. Do
> they grow any other oil seeds? I'd say sunflowers,
> but I think mythically they wouldn't fit.

The stead essay mentions that oil is made from flax, cameline and other oil-producing seeds and nuts.

>Some fish
> species are quite rich, although not particularly the
> ones I'd expect in a quick flowing river deep
> inland....but we can always make Glorantha a little
> different (smoked Goldeye--yum!).

Yipsa. Rich salmon runs are just too good to omit. And no one seems to know what a waterwolf is!

I'd imagine
> a decent salt source would be an important
> for this not so important stead, I'd
> think they'd import it. That sound right to people?

Salt links are absolutely key resources, and those of any size will almost certainly be odal and controlled by a cult IMO.


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