Re: Fyrd size & emergencies

From: moonbroth <nick_at_HX14HBJVkard6MaG6nGwTyMBqe8ZJoelXUtbpA2yKnyuqspwC9RBHHMJFGL_mwS-xg1Q2z3>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 16:17:18 -0000

Ian wrote:

>> I'd prefer 14/70 or 16/80 - 20%, as stated before.

> I checked my notes. TR does in Combat and Warfare that 20% are
> members of the fyrd, mainly men with some women

That'd be 20% of total population, not 20% of adults, of course. I like that figure.

> The remaining adults can fight in an emergency (though a
> percentage are unfit for military service - about 5%)

I find that somewhat hard to swallow. Are we *really* saying that 95% of Heortling men and women aged 15+ are "fit for military service"? (Per my pop stats, qv., that would exclude over-65's *only*).

Cheers, Nick            

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