RESOURCES: Livestock

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Just so everyone is on the same page, here is a quick breakdown of the resources which are typically harvested from the various types of livestock. Items in brackets are only gained when the animal is slaughtered, such as when the herds are culled for winter.

  OXEN: work, [meat, leather, tallow, vellum]   COWS: dairy products, [leather, meat, tallow]   SHEEP: dairy products, wool, [meat, parchment, tallow]

  PIGS:   [meat, skins, lard]
  FOWL:   eggs, [meat, feathers]
  BEES:   pollination, honey, wax

Oxen and cows require two acres per animal, sheep require one-third an acre per animal, pigs require one-tenth an acre per animal. Oxen are usually only slaughtered when starvation is a threat. During the winter culling, half the cows are slaughtered, three-fifths of the sheep, nine-tenths of the pigs. These values do not take any magical blessings into account. Please correct my numbers if I am wrong, but I think most of these are sufficiently accurate for our purposes.

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