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From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_FHY07F2t2HdQNJ-EnBzUhPXqXSOW-gkqPka03fM8vhD_RRg9WY7XfZdJIlrntbd8Mjin>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:23:40 +1100


> Not all cows have horns I think, not sure of the bulls.

Among Heortling cattle both bulls and cows are horned, which can lead to difficulties in winter housing.
Generally, maned cattle tend to be smaller on average than modern breeds, and well-adapted to thriving in relatively poor pasture under challenging conditions. Of course, if they have sky bulls in their ancestry, they can be enormous! They're generally lean, with much less fat, and obviously give much less milk than modern specialised breeds. Did I mention fierce, smelly and dangerous?

Oddly, selective breeding seems to be a modern innovation, there is little evidence for systematic planned breeding in the ancient world.

John                              John Hughes

>From tulas harsh-stripped

            streamed the strong called to battle, Spears each held ready, shield-clash they sought. Fyrd-fierce and fearless, from hearth called and harstings Fashioned they feasting for Humakt's dark-swans.

My kinsmen, my comrades, they budged not in battle Brought courage to combat, feat-strong and fierce. Like berries in harvest, bright red their bounty they made shame of armies, caused red moon to flee.

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