One Ring to rule them all

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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 16:48:11 +1100

Tim and I have completed the characters for our clan ring.

It's a variant on the Traditional Ring, with positions for Orlanth the Storm, Ernalda the Earth, Ormalaya the Hunter, Poveri the Fisherman, Uralda the Cow, Barntar the Farmer, and Heler the Healing Rain.

Tim has introduced a hero cult based around our ancestor Swen, which teaches clan folk how to survive the rapids.

Two members of the Ring now live at Swenstead: Iskalli the Helerite (previously described) and Koreng the Boat.

Here is Koreng in full:

Koreng the Boat
Male, Age 32, Initiate of Poverri the Fisherman, Initiate of the Hero Cult of Swen Riverfriend.

Feats: Allfather (Orlanth) 3w, Making (Orlanth) 9w, Fishing (Poverri) 12w, Negotiate White Rapids 18.

Key Skills: Know River 5w, Build Boat 8w, Patient 19, Tell Stories 18, Boast 1w.

Koreng is a barrel-shaped man who speaks for the fisher folk - indeed some people say he never shuts up! He always has a story to top anyone else's. Born at Swenstead, Koreng worships Poverri and the Steadfounder Swen, who teaches his worshippers how to appease the daimon of White Rapids and thus negotiate them safely by boat. This connection to Swen, and his approachability compared to the Helerite Iskalli (at least when he isn't out on his boat) makes him the first port of call for most steadfolk with issues to take before the Ring.

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