Also Introducing our Fisherman RIng member

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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:59:22 -0000

>In our discussions, we have decided that one member of the Clan
>Inner Ring would be from Swenstead

Of course, as there are two of us working on the ring, we ended up with two! We decided on a reasonably "traditional" ring, but given early discussions here about how we had representatives of all 4 providers, I felt we should have a Poverri representative on the ring.

Bryan(IIRC) posted something (I think just to the PEOPLE subgroup) suggesting that the stead was founded when the eponymous Swen came to a deal with the local river daimon allowing him to fish above and below the falls, so it seemed to me that a fisherman who knew this secret would be a good local ring member...

Koreng the Boat
Male, Age 32, Initiate of Poverri the Fisherman, Initiate of the Hero Cult of Swen Riverfriend.

Feats: Allfather (Orlanth) 3w, Making (Orlanth) 9w, Fishing (Poverri) 12w, Negotiate White Rapids 18.

Key Skills: Know River 5w, Build Boat 8w, Patient 19, Tell Stories 18, Boast 1w.

Koreng is a barrel-shaped man who speaks for the fisher folk - indeed some people say he never shuts up! He always has a story to top anyone else's. Born at Swenstead, Koreng worships Poverri and the Steadfounder Swen, who teaches his worshippers how to appease the daimon of White Rapid and thus negotiate them safely by boat. This connection to Swen, and his approachability compared to the Helerite Iskalli (at least when he isn't out on his boat) makes him the first port of call for most steadfolk with issues to take before the Ring.

(See the whole clan ring at )

Swen Riverfriend
Swen was the founder of Swenstead, built on the banks of the river, near to White Rapids. Swen was able to appease the local river daimon and thus safely negotiate the rapids. His descendants still honour his original bargain and so they too are able to do this - effectively by worshipping Swen as a hero cult that provides the single feat of "Negotiate White Rapids"            

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