Introducing our Heler Shrine Keeper...

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_FbYTXru4bI0Fe14yMubVn0Vkmpcy3UBv7UQqV62d8e28J6t_tryW7HlKXHQ0ErAI8mjc>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 11:08:20 +1100

In our discussions, we have decided that one member of the Clan Inner Ring would be from Swenstead.

When generating the members of the Clan Ring, Tim included a Helerite, and in fleshing them out I thought he'd be perfect for Swenstead.

So may I introduce Iskalli the Gentle, Ring Member, godi, healer and (minor) heroquester. In fleshing out his description, I've given him lots of panache - he's probably the most powerful and renowned person at Swenstead. And as a Helerite, he's hardly typical.

Iskalli and the other Ring Members can be found at:

Male, 42, Devotee of Yuhurol the Golden Ram, Ring Member, Healer and Godi.

Feats: Clouds (Heler) 9w2, Rain (Heler) 4w2, Healing Rain (Yuhurol) 12w2, Cleanse Ill Health Ritual (Yuhurol) 5w, Command Cloud Ram 17.

Key Skills: Brew Healing Potion 3w, Treat Poison 19, Rain Dance 12w, Perform Sacrifice 19, Sense Powers Nearby 18, Proud 7w, Stubborn 12w, Staunch 19, Merciful 17, Fertile 17, Brave 9w.

Iskalli represents Heler, the Healing Rain. A healer, godi and experienced ritual heroquester as well as a Ring Member, he worships Yuhurol the Golden Ram, and looks after the health of the clan.

A renowned hero, Iskalli seems ever-youthful, and by the hero-light that shines about him his appearance can sometimes be seen to change in subtle ways. Clean-shaven with shining blue-grey long hair, he cuts a striking figure with his magnificent rainbow-hued cloak, carved shepherd's crook and god-wrought ram's horn helmet. An experienced heroquester, Iskalli can call down a golden Storm Ram to carry him through the air. He is also a gifted though stubborn healer, and is as likely to treat a wounded enemy raider from the OTHER clan as his own kin, yet may utterly refuse to treat someone until their bloodline takes responsibility for some minor wrong.

With many herd beasts and great renown, Iskalli is much loved by his bloodline, and could be a future leader if only he marry. Though respected by the clan, he is the target of constant rumour and sexual innuendo, and also has some powerful enemies in the OTHER bloodline.

Iskalli resides at Swenstead, and maintains the shrine to Heler in the hills above the stead. He lives at the hearth of his uncle NAME.

Draft of course. Feedback and additions welcome.


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