Re: Introducing our Heler Shrine Keeper...

From: moonbroth <nick_at_rpwFuyOEWR1ZbQkH5vVtb0k5aOurMLutFr1b7Pjwv1mwtPhu3HEcp8xK2gnghvpGxlTPGFO>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 15:29:42 -0000

Andrew wrote:

> One of my characters took a Heler Lass as a wife and a follower.
> Now he only has to smile at her and its time to break out the
> nappies again :)

Wrong mythic effect. That's not Helerian Fertility -- that's Helerian Promiscuity. (Maybe *you're* just smiling at your wife, but what do you suppose your neighbours are doing? :-)

Cheers, Nick            

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