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From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at__-Mu3ilmS7x9asegJEJ9G6zhbYxLSOK1UHcayQnVWKTUHjjhvTB2R9MVMMcVpmbLsF0S>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 12:07:21 -0600

At 12:02 PM -0500 4/3/02, Michael Schwartz wrote:
>Jeff Kyer wrote:
>>As others have said, the religious 'obligations'
>>INCLUDE your job if its applicable. What's so
>>hard about that? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>And what if it is *not* applicable, Jeff? If time requirements are going
>to be introduced in any fashion, there need to be some *distinct*
>differentiations between religious, social and occupational time
>requirements. I would have thought *that* was obvious. Duh...

        I'm still perplexed by this argument, and I don't feel that Greg's response on the Hero Wars list has helped all that much. I find it really difficult to imagine our Barntar devotee taking 30% of his produce and shipping it off to the Barntar temple, especially when there can't be more than one or so Barntar temples in all of Sartar. I can imagine that some of that extra produce is expended in religious ceremonies -- the first grain of the harvest is surely sacrificed to Barntar, whether by being baked into a special bread and eaten, burned, scattered to the winds, or whatever. However, a Provider Devotee should be a blessing to the community; they will give back more than they consume.

        As for a Dar initiate/devotee, what duties do you see that are not applicable? Dar is leadership; by leading the clan (or tribe), the initiate/devotee is expressing Dar. I'm sure there are some additional duties, but these must be tied in with leading -- acting as Orlanth the Leader in ceremonies and quests, probably filling the role as Generic Orlanth in most clan-wide ceremonies and quests, making special personal sacrifices. They may take away from time considering the specific future of the clan/tribe, but they do enhance leadership as a whole. It's not like there is a temple of Dar somewhere where the chiefs and kings send x% of their cash....

Peter Larsen            

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