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<< ancestors- do these count as major units? They seem to be, since they have  movement, magic, and combat factors. But if this is the case, how can an  ancestor unit cross chapparal, since it has to be carried by another major  unit?>>

I do not think they need support in chaparral. I cannot find the counter to check right now but that's how I would play it. They could be carried by a Khan, who is not a major unit.  

 <<seasons- if one player decides he would like it to be winter season, when  does this change? Or does it? (I guess this is a sneaky way of asking what  time length a turn represents)>>

I think this is the weakest link in the games "realistic simulation" of Praxian warfare. One day I hope to come up with a satisfactory fix. I think the turn is actually supposed to be a day but this makes the herds move very quickly, (IMO). It seems to me that there should be some sort of rule limiting herd movement - such as: max number of hexes moved per game; limited number of turns that they can be moved on (eg once per week); consequences of movement such as disruption to represent tiredness and lack of feeding time. These would have a dramatic effect on gameplay making the herds more important in many ways, but slowing the game down and probably unbalancing the Morocanth. I think there might need to be other changes, such as limiting the rate at which spirit alliances can be made (again, perhaps to once per week, or only on an appropriate day- Oakfed on Fireday frex.) so that many more turns can be played out. (ie lots more turns but less going on in each one).

If one spreads the game out like this then the possibility of a loooonnnng game (in glorantha time) running from Winter fertile to Summer becomes possible. The actual timing for Winter Fertile, Summer Fertile and Summer are in Drastic Prax somewhere, I think it is roughly 10weeks, 10 weeks, 20 weeks, but I might be wrong.  


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