Re: House Rules/Brontosaurs in Prax

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Thu Apr 26 22:07:26 2007

Steve W to GB:
>>>4. Dragon CF = 20.
>>Simon: I liked the fact that a dragon is as hard as everyone attacking it.
> SJW: Is that a house rule of yours? I thought they were equal to the ones they were stacked with -
> i.e. if a Dragon's stacked with a Duck, it's CF is 1, which really didn't seem right. Equalling the
> attackers is an interesting idea though...

Nope, just poor memory. Anyway, you stack them with something hard, Harrek or Har-Eel. If you are using Nomad Gods as well, then stack them with Thunder Bird or Oakfed for a laugh.

>>>5. Assassins only kill individuals (must scout the stack first).
>>Simon: They can slip into a camp at night and buthcer everyone in a unit. It makes them look hard.
>>Daniel: Thesy could take out the leaders or poison a unit's water, or curse their magic or whatever.
>SJW: OK, but lone assassins massacring regiments just didn't feel right to us.

I always remember someone telling a story of the Second World War when the Ghurkas used to sneak into Japanese camps and kil every second sleeping soldier then sneak out again to demoralise the enemy. Whether true or not, the idea of a small unit being able to assassinate a regiment apealed to me. I always thought eh Assassins were not individuals but bands of assassins.

>>>6. When a Scapegoat is chosen, it must be an individual if one is present.
>>Simon: Why? Surely if the Ducks killed Beat Pot then Jar-Eel would want to kill the whole of the unit.
>>Daniel: I'll stick to possibly full units. If your best friend were killed by "those guys there" you wouldn't stop at just the ones who actually hit him. Kill them all, and let Daka Fal sort em out (after we scalp them).
> SJW: Oh, by all means, slaughter those Ducks! I just meant, if there happens to be an individual
> around, they should be the one to get the blame - makes it more personal. (BTW, how would those
> Ducks kill Beat-Pot? In every game we've played, they've been utter dross. Until the first playtest
> game for Rule 2 - then they were heroes! Amazing.)
They could shoot a disrupted Beat Pot and kill him that way, or they could get an Eliminated result and kill him, or they could be the final 1CF that is enough to kill him in a combined attack. Given the choice, I'd mark a flying unit as a scapegoat and use it to take the Super Hero out of the game by leading it a merry dance.

>>>10. Major Independents are allied by emissaries, not Diplomacy Points...
>>Simon: I'd go the other way and have everyone allied by Diplomacy Points as I don't particularly like the Emissary rules.
> SJW: Yes, I saw (your?) anti-emissary comments in the archives, so I thought this might not be
> universally liked. This is as yet untested, and I've already thought that all the Majors should get at
> least a -1. But I hope this might do the same job as I think Diplomacy Points were supposed to do -
> balance the number of allies gained by each side, and delay their arrival - and without the need for
> bits of paper (or hiding them from your enemy!).

Don't worry, as many people think that Diplomacy Points are rubbish and everyone should be allied with Emissaries.

>>>12. Superheroes CF = 10, but cannot be disrupted and cost 20 to eliminate...
>>Simon: We used 12 rather than 10 and only used the 20 when they went berserk after their best friend was killed.
>SJW: Yes, that was just the sort of thing I saw in the archives that encouraged me to post this lot. 10
>seemed a round figure - why pick 12?

I don't know. When I started playing Dragon Pass, the group I gamed with had this as a house rule. Presumably they thought that 10 was too close to the other units. From memory, the highest other CF is 8 (Inhuman King?) so 12 is half as big again. Of course, if you include Nomad Gods units then 12 is quite small in comparison.

>>Daniel: Didn't "Brontos" actually eat pine cones? If they can eat that then grass
and brush is easy.
> SJW: Thanks, gents. A quite different reaction from the one this thought got over in the World of
> Glorantha forum. But it can be justified (can't anything?) and it seems like fun. Actually, it was my
> son's realization...

Yes, the WoG reaction was a bit silly, I thought. Borderlands has dinoasurs wandering through Prax/The Wastes so why not Brontosaur herds? No pseudoscience, no hand-wringing, just use it. Different forum, different approach. Steve W (who keeps changing his name):
>> Cyberboard is what has made it possible for me to finally find opponenets,
> For a college project I recently wrote a Cyberboard-like game utility in
> Java
> (see it here if you're interested
> so I'd be interested to hear your or anyone's opinions of Cyberboard's
> usefulness/shortcomings.
> I think a good feature of mine is that the boards are described in a text
> file, so it's easy to edit.

I'll have a look. I use Cyberboard mainly for drawing maps/gameboards/counters. I've not used it in play yet. Maybe sometime in the future.

Joerg Baumgartner:
> The area of Balazar and the Elder Wilds exists in hex overlay (if you own
> the Chaosium edition of Griffin Mountain, the foldout map needs to be
> enlarged by about 1.33 to match DP scale). Areas in between have been done
> in ASCII.

Watch this space for a Cyberboard Gamebox for Griffin Mountain/Elder Wilds with a full map.

See Ya


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