RE: High Noon

From: Hibbs, Philip <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 12:53:41 -0000

Michael Cule:
>But yes, the hottest point of the day would be at differing times in
>differing places. Umm. Hadn't thought of that.
>In the East Isles, things start out with a blaze of heat at Dawn
>and then get cooler. On the far side, the day would build to a
>climax of heat as Yelm races closer.

I don't think that this is necessarily true. The Sky Dome cannot be measured in terms of physical distance, just like the height of the Red Moon can't, they don't follow geometrical laws.

However, although it isn't *necessarily* true, I *believe* it is. Yelm wandered around Glorantha before Time, and I'm sure the areas he visited were warm, and the areas he was far from were cooler. When he was slain and resurrected, he got locked into a repetitive east-west-up-down cycle. When he is in the East, it is warmer there, and when he is in the West, it is warmer there, giving the varying daily temperature cycle across Glorantha.

Moreover, it's more fun that way. +--------------+

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