Re: Babeester Gor

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 12:21:16 +0100 (BST)

David Dunham:
> Hmm, Alex, there's a fanzine I'd like you to see: Enclosure II. Note
> the woman on the front. Note what she's carrying (an axe), wearing
> (trousers), and has painted on her face (a Babeester Gor design).

I just love messages that tell one how Faux-Canonical something is, without telling us anything about _why_ it might be so.

> Babeester Gor ax maidens are warriors. I'll admit I haven't tried
> fighting while wearing women's clothing, but it's my guess that men's
> clothing works much better.

Obviously unmodified women's clothing may not be the most practical of all possible choices, but I could give you a tediously long list of clothing styles that have been fought in, or easily could be, aside from 'trousers'. In this case, shorter and less full-skirted dresses would serve both the purposes I suggested, for example. (I am trying hard not to conjure up an image of Xena here though, I really am...) Perish the thought that BGers might in any way be different from in an interesting way from a Humakti, or any other male-path warrior type a female might chose, though.

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