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From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 21:26:13 +0100

Sorry : just my attempt to add to the mystique of the utuma ritual : (ie confuse Brian even more : & welcome to the Glorantha Digest !)

Peter :

> [Utuma] is also what the Grand Ancestral Dragon did to create the
> world.

On the other hand, the Grand Ancestral Dragon already existed at that point, and what is the difference between It and the World ?

> Utuma is the means by which the Cosmic Dragon created the
> world. Ignorant people perceive it as death and make
> useless sacrifices to ward against it. When death comes
> for them, their error condemns them to a futile existence
> as a tormented ghost in several hells before being reborn.
> The dragon emperors have taught for centuries that Utuma
> is merely a change in spiritual perspective that allows one
> to transcend the mortal world and fully behold the Uncreated
> Cosmic Dragon.
> Glorantha: Intro p192.

IMO this isn't 100% correct : or rather, it is incomplete.

Ideally speaking, Utuma can be used to perceive and effect that which is *outside* the Uncreated Cosmic Dragon, ie that which has no existence within Glorantha (not even within the imaginations of actual Gloranthan entities, including a dragonewt commencing such a ritual). It is a Faith that something original and new can occur. Utuma is transcendent creation of non-existent essences (when performed correctly : otherwise, it's just another dark stain on the magic rug and a cleaning bill).

Otherwise, Peter's info is QUITE fine ... :-)

> There is Sandy's musings on Dragon magic which can be found at:

Sandy's ideas for Dragon Magic (also see Codex N 3, if you can find it) are excellent within the paradigms of RQ, but probably need some in-depth re-thunking for HW.

Stephen Tempest :

> The dragons' world is the real one: it is *this* world that is the
> dream.

Untrue : Dragons certainly have more realness about them than any other creatures, but this is either beacause all other creatures delude themselves about the true nature of reality, or that their perceptions of this reality are limited, or that the dragons were never destroyed as the other creatures were, or ...

> Existence is illusion;

No it isn't. No true draconic philosopher would suggest such a thing, although the owner of a Kralori opium den would be happy to convince you of such.

> Taking any action runs the risk of binding you closer
> to the web of illusion - but (paradoxically) it is only when you have
> met all your obligations here that you will be free to transcend.

Some mystics believe this, but certainly not the draconic ones.

Dragons possess material essence, although the ultimate nature of their "matter" is cause for much interesting discussion.

Julian Lord

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